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Universal Testing Machine - EMS Series


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Systems & Controls offers low cost strength testing electromechanical machines (EMS Series) for test loads up-to 500 Kgs. The machine can be used for testing compression or tensile properties for several materials like paper, textile yarn, fabrics, rubber, elastomers, PVC, Teflon, adhesive tapes, springs and so on. The table top design consists of a fixed base and a movable cross-head guided by ball screw-nut and supporting column arrangement.
The machine can be ordered as a stand-alone unit or computer connected unit which can enable graphical representation of the test and offers data for analysis. It comes in three variations based on the maximum force 20Kgs, 200 Kgs and 500 Kgs.

  • Compact and Elegant Design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Available in Stand-Alone or Computer Connected Configuration
  • Made to Order based on customer requirements
  • Closed Loop Speed Control using Frequency Controlled Inverter Drive
  • Safety Interlocks for Overload and Overtravel
  • Wide variety of grips and fixtures available for testing variety of materials
  • Competitive Pricing
MODEL EMS – 20V EMS – 200V EMS – 500V
Force Resolution 1 gm 20gm 25 gm
Displacement Resolution 0.1 mm
Accuracy – +/-0.5% of FSD
Display 16 - Character Alphanumeric LCD
Weight 20Kg. Approx.
Maximum Stroke 750 mm
Dimensions 50 mm * 30 mm * 1200 mm ( L * W * H)

Note: These machines can be made to order for extra height, extended cross head stroke, higher, lower or fixed speed.

Power Supply – 230V AC, 50 Hz