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Om Containers is a gas cylinder manufacturing company. The metals from which cylinders are manufactured have to have a peculiar property because of highly explosive the nature of butane. This property needs to be tested thoroughly. For this purpose, they had been using a mechanical analog testing machine for years. The mechanical graph arrangement had gone bad and finding spare parts for it was proving to be a difficult task because they were all almost obsolete. This was critical becauseall the testing records have to be maintained to present them to government agencies.

Their first impression was to buy a brand new machine of 100 KN capacity. Buying a whole new machine was very expensive, especially when the existing one was working properly. It was in good condition and well maintained. The only problem was that it was not printing reports. When they approached us with their problem we proposed a computer based Data Acquisition System which will integrate with their existing machine.

Since their existing controls were working fine, we modified our UTM Control software for data acquisition only. We connected new load and displacement sensors, installed our Data Acquisition software, ran a few tests and handed over the system. The whole process took less than a month and their job was done for almost 10% of the price of a new machine.