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Fixtures and accessories

Apart from all our products we offer accessories and fixtures for customer’s convenience. These include our software for control and data acquisition, replacement or additional load cells, grips and test fixtures.


All our load cells are temperature compensated and tested for accuracy and repeatability in house. We maintain a large stack of deadweights to ensure that our calibration exceeds most of the international standards. Our master load cells are in turn calibrated directly by National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in New Delhi.


Grips are probably the most important component in tensile testing. If suitable grips are not chosen or if the gripping action in not correct, the results will never be accurate no matter how accurate the machine is. SnC offers a wide array of grips for a variety of testing applications. We have mechanical workshop which enables us to manufacture all grips in house and oversee strict quality control. All the grips undergo a hardening and painting process to ensure long life. Below are some of the common grips we offer. We will be happy to understand your requirement and design a grip suitable for your test beyond the ones shown here.  

Wedge Grips

Wedge grips are suitable for almost all applications that require high load such as metals and composites. These grips are paired with springs to provide easy to loading and unloading action.


Screw action grips are suitable for plastic and adhesive applications. The grips have serrations on them which provide friction resulting in a strong gripping action.


Pneumatic sliding grips are primarily used for multi-filament yarn testing. These are lined with rubber films which ensure no spillage during test.


These grips are knurled and rollers are placed off centered so they are self-tightening. These are used in rubber, elastomers and thin fabric applications.


Compression plates are used primarily for testing spring compression force. Our compression plates have high load bearing capacity and are impressed with circular grooves to enable user to ensure center loading.