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Twist Tester Machine


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Twist Tester is a machine used to get the level of twist in single or multi-plied yarn. Our microcontroller based Twist Tester has been designed for measuring coefficient of twist in TPM or TPI. The instrument can be used on single, double, plied, woolen, jute or multi-filament yarn. It has the facility of twist and un-twist in both S/Z directions. The instrument can store up-to 20 readings at a time and provide average value. A graduated scale and spring loaded clamps makes it easier to adjust test length and mount the test specimen. Tension weights up-to 100 grams are provided with the instrument.

The Twist Tester has been designed in two models, one with fixed test length and one with adjustable test length. The slider mechanism on the adjustable model provides test length anywhere between 50mm and 500mm. The instrument provides 5 different modes of operation.

  • Compact and Elegant Design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Adjustable Test Length
  • Supplied with calibrated weight sets for obtaining correct tension while untwisting
  • Competitive Pricing
Maximum Count 9999 TPM / 99.99 TPI
Display 16-Character Alphanumeric LCD
Weight 10 Kg
Dimensions 1000 * 150 * 250 mm
Motor Speed Maximum 1500 rpm
Elongation Range 110 mm
Test Length 25mm to 500mm adjustable

Power Supply – 230V AC, 50 Hz, 30 W