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Systems and Controls

We are a company concentrating on manufacturing tensile testing machines and load measurement equipment for strength testing of material with speed and tension control. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible test equipment at best possible price.

Spring Testing Machine Manufacturer

We can design spring testing machines suited to the requirements of spring manufacturers. Whether it is the spring of a pen or a train bogie, whether it is a torsion spring or a disc spring, whether it is 500 gms or 5000 Kgs, whether you want an automatic, computer controlled or manual spring testing machine, be it any application or any type.

Universal Testing Machine Manufacturer

A wire, starter kick for scooter or bike, rubber mat for the dog to lie on, diapers (yes those are strength tested too), the elastic of pants, material testing is required by almost every industry. With our vast experience on a variety of applications you can be assured of getting expertise of the highest degree for your testing needs with our tensile testing machines.

Our Products

Universal Testing Machine (TT Series)

Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machine has been developed for quick and accurate testing of tensile properties of various materials such as plastics, rubber, Teflon, leather, fabrics, textile yarn, tyre cord yarn, metals, films, cork sheet, particle board, plastic strips, PVC, wires, foils, tapes, springs etc. The ergonomically designed test system offers all the advantages of latest technology of Micro Controllers as well as Frequency Controlled Inverter Drives Read more...

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Universal Testing Machine (EMS Series)

Systems & Controls offers low cost tensile testing electromechanical machines (EMS Series) for test loads up-to 500 Kgs. The machine can be used for testing compression or tensile properties for several materials like paper, textile yarn, fabrics, rubber, elastomers, PVC, Teflon, adhesive tapes, springs and so on. The table top design consists of a fixed base and a movable cross-head guided by ball screw-nut and supporting column arrangement Read more...

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Twist Tester

Twist Tester is a machine used to get the level of twist in single or multi-plied yarn. Our microcontroller based Twist Tester has been designed for measuring coefficient of twist in TPM or TPI.  The instrument can be used on single, double, plied, woolen, jute or multi-filament yarn. It has the facility of twist and un-twist in both S/Z directions. The instrument can store up-to 20 readings at a time and provide average value. A graduated scale and spring loaded clamps makes it easier to adjust test length and mount the test specimen.  Tension weights up-to 100 grams are provided with the instrument Read more...

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Wrap Reel

Automated Wrap Reel has been developed with special and unique features to make the work of preparing a lea of yarn easy and reliable. The same machine can be used to wind 120 yards, 90 meters or 100 meters of yarn which correspond to Count, Denier or Tex Value. In addition the machine also has provision to define any length in yards or meters which can used for non- standard lea preparation Read more...

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